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Meet the New Volunteer Coordinator Marissa!!

Marissa and horse1Marissa is also the lead volunteer on Thursday nights here at Equest.  She is attending Grand Rapids Theological Seminary for her MA in counseling. Her pets include two horses, Mya and Royal, a dog named Maisie, and a cat named Lola.

Her hobbies consist of spending time with her family and friends, team penning and trail riding with her horse Mya.  Snowmobiling in the winter and hunting in the fall. She loves to add to her collection of books and Bible commentaries in hopes of someday having a library in her home.

“I began to volunteer at the Equest Center to combine both my love for horses, and for giving of myself. So many people have selflessly given so much to me throughout my life, I desired to give back in some way.

The Equest Center is such a wonderful place. There truly is something remarkable when a horse and rider- no matter the disability- come together as a team. I end up leaving Equest blessed in one way or another. It may be conversing with my faithful volunteer who come week after week, or is may be the blessing of being a part of a step forward with one of our riders.”

Marissa challenges herself to choose joy in all circumstances and to be thankful for the little things in life.


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