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I first started working at Equest after I graduated college in 2008. I was so excited that a therapeutic riding center, where I could combine my psych degree with my passion for horses, was so close to my home! I completed my certification as a PATH Intl. (then NARHA) instructor by teaching at Equest as well as at the Cheff Center down in Augusta. In 2009, my husband and I moved down to Indiana, where I worked as an instructor and Program Manager at a therapeutic riding center called LoveWay. When we moved back to Rockford last year I called Equest right away so I could continue the best job ever! Watching how God changes lives through the power of a horse keeps me coming back! Now I just teach on Monday nights since life as the mom of my 15-month-old and wife of a youth pastor proves to be 2 full time jobs! So when I am not teaching at Equest I am teaching and playing with my son, Titus, and spending time mentoring junior high and high school girls from our church youth group. I also enjoy riding the first love of my life: my horse, Wolf. He is a 19 year old thoroughbred gelding with an awesome mowhawk! He stands at 17 hands tall so we used to love jumping and eventing. Now we plod along in our lazy-boy chair of a western saddle and just enjoy riding through God’s spectacular creation. Listening to Christmas music all year long is something else my family would say is one of my more interesting quirks. Relaxing at the beach and traveling the world are also activities I quite enjoy!

I am extremely thankful that I am able to serve our Lord and Savior by using my love for people and my love for horses alongside so many other passionate and devoted individuals at Equest. Thank you for allowing me to be a part if your team! I look forward to working with and knowing you all more!jess's little guys

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