Kindred Spirits

Two Saturdays a month, Seniors from local retirement homes come out to participate in “Senior Saturdays”.  Participants meet Equest Horses of all sizes from our adorable Minis to our astounding Drafts.  Everyone is always very interested in the horse’s background story and sharing stories of growing up on farms in days gone by and riding adventures of their own!  When working around horses the elderly can overcome anxiety and depression, work on building self-confidence and non-verbal communication, decrease a sense of isolation, and empower themselves to take on other challenges in their lives. Our seniors may learn how to groom, halter, feed and lead the horse. The horse’s natural inclination to interact honestly with humans and other horses, plus the animal’s ability to mirror the nuances of human body language make the horse the perfect animal to allow seniors to conquer fears and meet the physical tests of growing older. The beautiful serene environment and trip to the country is certainly an added bonus enjoyed by all.

Seniors benefit from the following:

  •  Social interaction
  • Confidence building
  • Stretching limbs
  • Memory processing
  • Balance
  • Joy!