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Saddle Safari Discovery Trail by BAUDVILLE’S HELPING HANDS 2013

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SENSORY TRAIL ~ Saddle Safari Discovery Trail Prepares to Open at Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding Grand Rapids Press Photo Gallery


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Saddle Safari Discovery Trail - Sensory Trail Brochure

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?
Sensory Processing Disorder is a complex disorder of the brain affecting developing children and adults. People with SPD misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound and movement.  It also includes their ability to plan their actions (motor planning). Sensory-processing differences and motor-planning differences have important influences on an individuals social, emotional and cognitive functioning.

How can a specially designed Sensory Trail help?
Nature has many sights, sounds, smells and textures, creating an innately rich sensory environment. Equest’s Sensory Trail will utilize all that nature has to offer and then enhance it even further with meandering trails with slight inclines and declines. Trees and flowers will be strategically planted along the Sensory Trail to create varieties of colors, textures and scents. Sensory stations specifically designed to address various senses and motor planning skills on the trail will provide a new array of therapeutic riding activity opportunities. Baudville  is partnering with Equest Center to create a riding trail filled with sensory-rich, nurturing interactions that facilitate attending, engaging, communicating, and thinking. The goal of the sensory trail is to improve motor planning and foster appropriate responses to all sensations in an active, meaningful, and fun way so the individual is able to behave in a more functional manner throughout their everyday life.