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My 5 year old son Ezequiel Gonzalez has been attending Equest Center for the last two years. Ezequiel has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type II. He loves his horse back riding (that is the name for Equest at our house). Not only is it great for his therapy for him, it is also an extra curricular activity. He only receives therapy twice a week at school. The thing with his muscles is they need as much activity as he can get; because he will always have to fight growth, weight gain, and weakness for the rest of his life. When he goes to horse back riding we notice a significant amount of strengthening in his arms and trunk muscles. I was a little skeptical when he started riding because he does not sit in any kind of saddle but this made him stronger since he is able to hold himself steady on there now. Participating at Equest has been a wonderful experience for Ezequiel and me.

Courtney Moose, Parent of Equest Rider

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