Here at Equest, the number of Vocation and Job Skills Training participants from schools, group homes, rehabilitation facilities etc has grown by leaps and bounds- especially in light of the many budget cuts in local school districts and adult care programs. Equest Center is filling many of these gaps by offering opportunities for continued growth at our center.

Vocational training for teens through adults with physical, mental, social and emotional challenges is a critical part of their education. Goals and activities are thoughtfully developed with input from the client, parents, teachers/caregivers, and are tailored to the individual. Skills such as speech, improved communication, following directions, task follow through and completion, punctuality, work  ethic, problem solving, and responsibility are some of the goals targeted. The center is a wonderful place to work on the generalization of skills learned in the classroom as well. This program for continued growth gives many a sense of purpose, pride and accomplishment which is priceless!
We have several unique opportunities for individuals to participate in. Opportunities can be one time, for several weeks, or ongoing.  Partnering with our staff we are able to provide hands on experiences for a variety of needs:

  • Volunteer Outreach and Job Skill opportunities working with Adults with Challenges in partnerships with MOKA, Hope Network, and Ready for Life.
  • *Transition age young adults of all abilities from area school districts
  • *Single and Group opportunities

Please Contact Program Coordinator Kelly Alcock for more information.